The HGV MOD4, also known as the Practical Demonstration Test (PDT), is a mandatory examination that every aspiring HGV driver must successfully complete. It is the final step in obtaining a Category C or Category C+E license, which allows you to drive large goods vehicles professionally. The MOD4 test evaluates your ability to carry out essential safety procedures and demonstrates your competency in securing and checking the load.
The HGV MOD4 is designed to assess your understanding and practical skills in five key areas:

Vehicle Loading: You will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to load and unload goods safely, ensuring that the load is balanced, secured, and properly distributed. This includes understanding load restraint systems and using appropriate equipment to secure the load effectively.
Security of Vehicle and Trailer: The examiner will evaluate your proficiency in securing the vehicle and trailer correctly. This involves applying suitable security measures, such as the use of wheel chocks, trailer supports, and locking devices, to prevent unauthorized access or movement of the vehicle when stationary.
Preventing Criminality and Trafficking in Illegal Immigrants: As an HGV driver, you play a crucial role in ensuring the security of our borders. The MOD4 test will assess your knowledge of the signs of illegal immigrants attempting to stow away or smuggle goods in your vehicle. You will need to demonstrate your ability to carry out proper checks and follow established protocols to prevent criminal activities.
Assessment of Ability to Prevent Physical Risk: This component evaluates your ability to identify and prevent physical risks associated with the loading and unloading process. You must exhibit sound judgment and implement appropriate safety measures to safeguard yourself and others in and around the vehicle.
Demonstration of Ability to Prevent Risk from Trafficking Dangerous Goods: If you intend to transport hazardous materials, it is essential to demonstrate your understanding of the legal requirements and safety procedures involved. The MOD4 test will assess your knowledge and practical skills in handling, securing, and transporting dangerous goods safely.

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To get a better idea of what’s involved in the MOD 4 test, you can watch our video here.