Health & Safety

This Training course focuses on Health and Safety at Work providing HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers with essential knowledge and skills to ensure their own safety and the safety of others while carrying out their duties. This comprehensive course will cover various aspects of health and safety practices specific to the HGV industry, enabling drivers to effectively identify and mitigate potential hazards and risks encountered in their daily work.

Importance of health and safety in the workplace

Introduction to Health and Safety in the HGV Industry: Importance of health and safety in the workplace
Legal obligations and responsibilities of HGV drivers
Overview of relevant legislation and regulations

Understanding HGV Workplace Hazards: Identification and assessment of common workplace hazards
Road safety considerations for HGV drivers
Hazards related to loading and unloading cargo
Awareness of hazardous substances and dangerous goods transportation

Safe Manual Handling Techniques.

Safe Manual Handling Techniques: Ergonomics and correct lifting techniques for HGV drivers
Preventing musculoskeletal disorders and back injuries
Securing loads safely to minimize the risk of shifting or falling

Vehicle Safety and Maintenance: Pre-trip inspection procedures to ensure roadworthiness
Safe operation of HGVs, including braking systems and maneuvering
Managing vehicle emergencies and breakdown situations

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Gear: Selection and proper use of personal protective equipment
Protective clothing requirements and best practices
Health and hygiene considerations for drivers

Managing Fatigue and Well-being: Understanding driver fatigue and its impact on safety
Strategies for managing fatigue and maintaining alertness
Promoting mental and physical well-being for HGV drivers

Emergency Response and First Aid: Emergency procedures and protocols
First aid basics for HGV drivers
Communication during emergencies and reporting incidents

Environmental Considerations: Environmental awareness and sustainable practices
Spill response and waste management procedures
Minimizing environmental impact while driving and operating HGVs

Incident Reporting and Investigation: Importance of reporting incidents, near misses, and hazards
Procedures for documenting and reporting incidents
Participating in incident investigations and learning from them.

Review and Assessment: Recap of key concepts covered in the course
Evaluation and assessment to ensure understanding
Opportunities for feedback and further development
The HGV Driver Training: Health and Safety at Work course aims to empower HGV drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a safe working environment for themselves and others. By promoting a culture of health and safety awareness, this course will contribute to reducing workplace incidents and promoting overall well-being within the HGV industry.